5 Essential Tips for Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party

As the Best Man, you have a number of responsibilities to take care of before your buddy walks down the aisle, but the most important, and often most stressful, is planning the bachelor party. Between creating the itinerary and coordinating the attendees, it can be an overwhelming process. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to make it easier and allow you to kick back and enjoy the party.

  1. Don’t Overthink It

Despite what movies and TV might have you think, bachelor parties don’t have to be over the top bacchanals with tons of moving parts. They can be a group of friends grabbing dinner and drinks, or maybe even a golf game. The best way to know for sure is to ask the groom what he wants.

  1. Leave the Driving to the Professionals

Depending on what the groom requests, bachelor parties often involve a fair amount of drinking, and even when they don’t, coordinating multiple vehicles can be a headache. Hiring a Houston bus service to ferry the party around for the evening keeps everyone safe and prevents you from having to repeat driving directions ad infinitum.

  1. Agree to a Budget

When celebrating a dear friend’s upcoming wedding, it can be easy to overindulge and plan something incredible and opulent. Before you do, check in with the other groomsman. Make sure everyone feels comfortable with what you’re asking them to spend. If someone has an issue, adjust the budget accordingly. You don’t want resentment over party costs to derail the evening before it starts.

  1. Be Flexible

Try not to get so wrapped up in planning that you forget that a bachelor party is supposed to be fun. Building an itinerary is important, but don’t overschedule the evening. If the groom and groomsmen are having a good time, don’t worry too much about getting to every planned activity.

  1. Do It Early

Never plan a bachelor party for the night before the wedding. The last thing anyone wants is for the groom and all of his groomsmen to be tired and hungover for the big day. If everyone attending is amenable, try to schedule the party at least a week before the actual wedding.

Planning a bachelor party is a time-honored tradition that allows you to celebrate the groom before sending him off on the next chapter of his life, and with these easy tips, you can do so without driving yourself crazy.



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