Discovering Caminito del Rey in Spain

Discovering Caminito del Rey in Spain

Nature gives us huge number of landscape around the world, each one is unique relate to the place where it is. For that reason, when we take some days off and we want to breath clean air, hiking is an opportunity. Ecologist tourism is a new trends growing due to social concerns relate to the nature, so people choose this type of activities to practise during holidays period. In Spain, there are different nature routes which are perfect for lover traveller. One of the options that you can choose is “El Caminito del Rey”. A year ago, this route was opened to public. This path was built over the walls of the Gaitanes’ gorge, a limited area between some boundaries within Malaga province. Total length of the path is 7.7 km divided in two different parts: long access ways and long board walks. However, before its renovation, the path had an important wears such as destroyed parts.

Due to the poor state of conservation there were like a “black legend”, because there has been several deaths. Before changes in the path, there were some actions how destroy the start of the route and severe fines to reduce potential acidents. So, in the year 2014 renovation works started to offer a safety path, using wooden panels. Once the works finished, at the beginning of 2015, the Diputacion de Malaga opened the path and the reserve process by internet. The exact location is near to village “Chorro”, between the boundaries of Antequera, Alora and Ardales (towns of Malaga). Do not hesitate and do this path with friends and family, besides enjoy amazing views to generate adrenalin. There are several choices to go to the place such as railway, highway; besides there is specific buses to go there. However, If you do not have car because you come from another country or you do not want to wait for bus, you can car hire Malaga airport. Nowadays, the path has been closed some weeks waiting a change of owners. From 22th April Caminito del Rey will be opened and you will be able to book your tickets from 18th April. Also it is expecting for an expansion to increase the path’s length. So these changes will improve the experience and security for all walkers.

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