Tips for Choosing the Right Accommodations

Have you ever been disappointed in your accommodations after doing extensive trip planning? For example, have you booked a three-star hotel when a Limited Service Hotel Glendale CA would have sufficed? These are tips for choosing the right accommodations for your next trip.

Trip Details

Your first step should be determining your trip details. For example, how long will you be staying and what time of the year will you be traveling? Is your trip for work, fun or for family vacation? Identify how many people you will have with you and what their ages are. Don’t forget to state your budget and where you prefer to spend it.


Next, identify any hotel facilities or amenities you will need. For example, will you be cooking or eating out? Do you want a pool or hot tub? If you are bringing a pet, you need a pet-friendly place with some green space. For a business trip, you may need access to a business center and the internet, but a family vacation may benefit from no internet access. Formal occasions, such as weddings, may require additional amenities, such as a spa. Also, if you plan to drive to your destination, make sure parking is available.


You should also determine what activities you will be participating in during your stay. For example, if you will be doing a lot of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking and fishing, you may not want to book a five-star resort, and you may not need more than a bare-bones cabin for a wedding.


If you are planning a trip for specific activities or events, you will probably want accommodations that are within a specific distance from these activities. For example, you probably won’t book a hotel in the middle of a big city if you plan to do a lot of nature activities. However, you may want to be centrally located if you will be visiting museums, shops and other attractions within a city.

Your accommodations can significantly impact your enjoyment during vacations and trips. Make sure you choose a place that accommodates all your needs.


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