Traditional Customs of The Local People in Ha Giang You Should Know

Traditional Customs of The Local People in Ha Giang You Should Know

Ha Giang is a province in the North of Vietnam and it is also the home of many different minorities, in which, the major is the H’mong, Dao, Giay…The ethnic people here have so many customs and taboos that are different from those of the people in the other area. Therefore, you should learn about these differs to not make anything that leads to the misunderstood or conflict. Visitors really like to discover the hill tribe villages and local here are also very friendly and hospitable. However, there are several things that you should pay attention to when you want to take Vietnam motorbike tours to the villages as below:

If you see there are some leaves tied high or a stake set in the ground in front of the village gate or a house of the H’mong or Dao, you should not come in because the village people are performing worship rituals, shunning the evil, so they do not want any stranger to come in. Please remember not to speak or laugh loudly, litter. When you see children, you should not embrace them or rub their head because the local here think that if you do so, the children will be easy to get ill. You should not wear in white because white is the symbol of death and funeral. You should not whist while walking in the village because the people here think that, devil will hear the sound and come to obtrude people in the village. Every village has the place to worship the Forest God, Mountain God, River God…So, please do not do anything bad at these places, it is better to show your respect here. Besides, when you meet or talk with the local people, you should: Ask for permission from the owner before you want to get into their house or want to touch anything in the house. In the house of the local, the main pillar or the tallest and biggest one is always the most sacred pillar in the house. It is also the worship place and also the place where the ghosts of the house live. Therefore, please do not hang your clothes or touch your back when sitting. About eating or sleeping, you should follow the instruction of the host. Normally, visitors should not sit at the head of the table or sit at the worship place. Do not pour the rice or take the food before the host. You should not hang your clothes in the kitchen, do not move the stones in the kitchen because they are the symbol of the Fire God. Put the right head of the bamboo shoot or wooden sticks into the fire because local believe that it will make their daughter difficult when giving birth. When talking, do not point straight to the opposite. When the host invites you to drink wine, if you do not like, you should ask for the sympathy of the host. There are so many things that if you book Vietnam motorcycle tours, the guide will tell you so that you can get along well with the local people.

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