The city of Hurghada is one of the cities overlooking the Red Sea filled with different marine organisms of coral and rare fish and colorful, and this city is one of the most important areas where tourists and visitors, we will learn more about the best places to practice

It is known that diving places are limited to South Sinai and along the coast of the Red Sea, because these areas are characterized by coral reefs and rare and colorful fish that attract everyone beside the fascinating scenes in the depths of the Red Sea, Follow us these places in detail ..


1 – Jiftun Island:

It is one of the most famous islands in the city of Hurghada, where diving is a natural reserve with many rare marine and wildlife such as seagulls and other reptiles, and be a very suitable area for the work of diving interesting and see the coral and fish Scattering and miscellaneous.

2 – House of dolphins:

There is a house dolphins in the area of ​​El Gouna of the city of Hurghada was named this region because of the presence of more than 200 dolphins so it is an important place for diving to the side of the coral reef and the wonderful weather favored by tourists and visitors to the civil.

3- Abu Munqar Island:

The island is a 12km long stretch of Hurghada and is a destination for diving enthusiasts. This island attracts tourists and divers to view marine life. The coastline is characterized by its low water, making it suitable for novice divers and marine adventure enthusiasts.

4- Magawish Island:

Located 7 km from the city of Hurghada, the island is the largest island in the city, we will find many coral reefs and various marine organisms that make it an important destination for diving enthusiasts. It is also very suitable for swimming and riding. the waves .

5- Abu Ramada Island:

It is one of the most famous places for diving in its coast. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. This island is very close to the city.

6- Shidwan Island:

This island is about 30 kilometers away from the city and is characterized by the most beautiful islands of the Red Sea. This island is 70 square kilometers and its coastline is 16 kilometers. This island is named after the battle of Shaddwan, which took place between the Egyptian army and the Israeli army.


7-Fannair Island:

This island is located north of Hurghada and is one of the most famous places where diving is due to the presence of many coral reefs and the various fish and rare, thanks to divers and scuba divers.

8- Sharm Naja Resort:

Located 40 km from the city center, the resort is a coastal area where diving is practiced as it is characterized by abundant coral reefs and clear water.

  1. Carlos Region:

This area is great for diving and enjoying deep sea views. One of the most famous fish in this area is hammer, tuna, seafarers and others.

10 – the site of Abu Nahas:

It is one of the most interesting and exciting diving sites to see the sunken ships in this area, such as the Karnatic ship, the Kimon ship, the Olden ship, the ship and Chrysolakia.

Top 10 Luxor trip from hurghada Tourist Attractions:

  1. valley of the kings
  2. Hatshepsut temple
  3. Karnak temple
  4. Luxor temple
  5. Collossi of Memmnon
  6. Luxor museum
  7. Valley of the nobels
  8. Luxor West Bank
  9. Luxor Western Rites
  10. Flight of the Flying Baron

Best Hurghada Diving Sites in Hurghada Red Sea:

  1. El Fanadir in Hurghada Egypt
  2. El Fanadir East in Hurghada Egypt
  3. El Fanadir South in Hurghada Egypt
  4. Gota Abu Ramada in Hurghada Egypt
  5. Sha’ab Abu Ramada in Hurghada Egypt
  6. Shabroah Umm Gamar in Hurghada Egypt
  7. Umm Gammar in Hurghada Egypt
  8. El Mina Wreck in Hurghada Egypt
  9. Marsa Abu Galawa in Hurghada Egypt
  10. Sha’ab Abu Galawa in Hurghada Egypt

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