Therapeutic Tourism in Egypt know about best tourist medical in Cairo Aswan Sinai

Medical tourism in the Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai Peninsula, particularly South Sinai, is characterized by extreme calm, low humidity and the presence of suitable water sulfur to treat many diseases, as well as soft hot sand in some areas, which are particularly useful in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, in addition to the presence of many herbs and natural plants used in medicine alternative.

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Sinai has many eyes that contain warm water such as Pharaoh’s Bath and Moses Baths containing sulfur water, as well as all this moderate climate throughout the seasons of the year.

Pharaoh ‘s Bath:

One of the most famous tourist resorts in Sinai is the Pharaonic Bath, which is located on the Gulf of Suez, 250 km from the Egyptian capital of Cairo. It is a group of sulfur springs with hot water. The temperature is 27 ° C and flows in the form of a pond of 3000 m3 / day. The beach is 100 meters long, and there is a carved cave in the mountain, which serves as a rock sauna.

The analysis of water in terms of its chemical, bacteriological and natural properties proved effective in the treatment of many diseases, notably rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatism of all kinds, digestive diseases, kidney diseases, lung allergies, liver diseases, and skin diseases.

Bathroom Moses:

It consists of five eyes that flow into the bathtub in the form of a building surrounded by water with a sulfur element at 37 degrees Celsius, which helps to heal many rheumatic and skin diseases.

Medical tourism in Aswan:

It is a very famous tourist destination, and there is a cure for various diseases, especially hot sand desert arthritis. A number of researches have been conducted which proved the health of Aswan in the treatment of chronic diseases due to high levels of ultraviolet radiation and low humidity, reaching 43.4% December to March.

The year-round sunshine with dry weather is an ideal climate for treating rheumatic diseases such as bronchitis, asthma and kidney inflammation.

Medical tourism in Helwan:

The suburb of Helwan, 30 kilometers from the heart of Cairo to the east of the Nile, rises from the sea about forty meters.

Helwan is characterized by severe drought, humidity does not exceed 58% in addition to the presence of many minerals and sulfur is unparalleled in the world in terms of purity and therapeutic benefit.

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