Things to Do in the Last 30 Minutes Before Taking a Rental Car Home

Things to Do in the Last 30 Minutes Before Taking a Rental Car Home

Taking a luxury rental car home is very easy. But you need to enter into the car hire agreement in order to take it home. Your responsibility of hiring a suitable car does not end here. But you forget a lot of things that you must do before taking it into your possession. Here are the things you must do in the last 30 minutes before taking a luxury hire car home. Checking the agreement papers The agreement that renters sign to take cars on lease for long days contain car rental fees and surcharges in it. A great many significant information such as the rental period, the date of returning vehicle back to company, car hire terms and conditions are mentioned in this agreement. So you must take a glimpse on those things to be well-aware of the things. Inquiring the car’s body to ensure there is no scratch or fender bender

Sometimes, renters come to know about the scratch marks or fender benders on the vehicle’s body long days after taking it home. They take it thinking that everything is all right with the vehicle. But sometimes they see the scratch marks or dent marks on the vehicle but can’t bring into the notice of the hire company so get slapped with the extra charges for it. If renters see it earlier at the time of renting they will be able to avoid paying surcharges for scratch or dent marks. Make sure that the car is clean and fuel-efficient Checking functionality of the elegant hire cars that you have chosen is a very important thing and you must do it. It is required to know whether it shows good mileage and will not breakdown in the middle of the journey. It needs to be ascertained. Cleanness of the hire cars must be inspected. Sometimes previous renters leave the car uncleaned. Passengers may have spilled downed coffee, tea or cold drinks on the seats. There may be leftovers of the ice cream or chocolates. So, you must check these things thoroughly before taking the hire car home on rent. All these things can be done in the last 30 minutes of renting. So that a renter can be well aware of the things and own a suitable hire car.

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