Three Ways to Travel without Relying on a Car at Your Destination  

There are multiple ways that you can get from point one to point two, and all of the points and destinations thereafter. However, most people choose to rely heavily on a car, which can put a damper on your wallet because of gas and car rentals in other cities or countries. That said, if you would prefer to find another way to get where you need to go, you should take some of the following travel advice to heart. 



Note: While the upcoming advice will get you between destinations, you should always practice safety in whatever mode of transportation you choose. Stay aware of your surroundings, be attentive to the people and environment in your peripherals and do your research about your destinations and modes of available transportation before you opt to go to those places. 


Invest in a Good Pair of Sneakers


Walking is a good mode of transportation in touristy destinations. Why? Because these destinations are hotspots for crowds; ergo, their city councils have probably implemented plenty of sidewalks, crosswalks, and trails specifically for visitors and locals alike. 


Plus, you have the natural trails and walkways of either mountains or seashores. Example? You could walk to town from the comforts of cozy Beavers Bend cabin rentals with the benefit of getting to admire the loveliness of nature with the changing seasons.


Do your research. See if your destination has a walking trail or sidewalks from one attraction to another, then pick up a great pair of comfortable, well-fitted sneakers. 


Note: Walking from one attraction to another is also great cardiovascular exercise. 


Check Out Bus Routes Near Your Hotel


In bustling cities across the world, there are bus routes and train transportation around the major hotels. Check for these routes with the front desk of your hotel. They should have information on different modes of transportation, and even a schedule or two, for those that are visiting from out of town. 


Want to Get Quirky? Go with a Kayak or Canoe for Shore Destinations


For coastal destinations, like Wilmington in North Carolina or Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, there are kayaks and canoes that you can rent to travel from one destination to another on the coastlines. This is also a great time to observe the shores, islands, and natural waterways that nudge the coasts. You might even see a sea turtle, dolphins, or reef sharks! 


Tip: Ask for help from a local guide if you’re uncomfortable kayaking or canoeing along a coastline by yourself. 


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