What is Denver famous for? Colorado Guide 2022

What is Denver all about

Denver is the capital of Colorado and is one of the most futuristically designed states. The Larimer square is the most famous landmark of Denver and is a common tourist spot. Once you land at Denver Airport, there are several places that you can visit in and around the airport itself. You will find the famous Denver Art Museum along with several other galleries and museums.

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Skiing Season

One thing that cannot be skipped in this list is the skiing season. When it comes to Denver, several parts of the state are extremely famous for glistening snow and bright blue skies. Areas like Vail, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek are very famous among travellers and adventurers for different sports like skiing and hiking. Tourists flock to these mountain spots especially during winter to enjoy the snowfall and different winter festivals.

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

If you find yourself in Denver, you must visit the brilliant Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Located about 2 hours away from the airport, this amphitheatre is one of a kind built naturally from red rocks. It has hiking trails for the adventurer inside you or you can just sit on the naturally corroded red rocks soak in the sunlight. Over the years, many famous rock bands have performed under this open stage including the famous band, The Beetles.

The Botanic Garden

The Denver Botanic Garden is another area famous for its distinctive varieties of flora. The area consists of over 50 gardens that contain colourful flowers, plants, herbs and shrubs. Walking through this park you will most definitely lose track of time and find yourself gazing at the gorgeous flowers and plants. Not only does the park consists of diverse flora it is also designed beautifully with small pockets of fresh water and artificial waterfalls to give you a complete experience.

Millions of tourists visit Denver every year to enjoy the breath-taking snow-capped mountains, the art galleries and delicious cuisines of the state.






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