4 Reasons Falling in Love With Virginia Is Easy

When it comes to near-perfect places, Virginia is right at the top. If you’ve never been to Virginia, you’ll be amazed at all this wonderful state has to offer. Here are four reasons that falling head over heels in love with Virginia is so easy.

Virginia Has Its Own Delicacies

Did you know that Virginia has its own food specialties? It’s true–Virginia is one of the best places to take advantage of oysters and they have many different varieties. The state is also a peanut lover’s paradise, producing some of the largest. It’s also famous for succulent crabs and some of the most robust apples you can find.

You Can Drink Local Wine

You probably didn’t know that Virginia is wine country. In fact, Virginia is host to a number of tantalizing estate-grown wine Greenwood VA reds and whites. These wines are grown on rolling, lush land where the rich soil is perfect for producing some of the best wines in the country.

The Coast Is Gorgeous 

If you’re a beach bum, Virginia Beach is the place for you! You’ll be in beach heaven lounging on Virginia’s gorgeous coast. Along the three-mile-long boardwalk, you’ll find an insane amount of hotels, shops and wonderful places to eat. The best thing is there’s something for everyone from adults to kids.

History Is Alive

History buffs will rejoice when they’re in Virginia because there’s so much to see. It’s the home of Mount Vernon, Monticello and Arlington National Cemetery. You can also visit the Jamestown settlement and the Appomattox Court House. Virginia is also home to the Edgar Allan Poe Museum for those that love the macabre.

There’s Something For Everyone

Virginia has something marvelous to offer everyone that comes to visit, from fine dining, exquisite wines and a lesson in history. You might decide you love Virginia so much you’ll decide to stay!

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