Have a Pocket Friendly Stay in the Budget 3 Star Hotels in Karol Bagh

Have a Pocket Friendly Stay in the Budget 3 Star Hotels in Karol Bagh

The Legislative Assembly of New Delhi, Karol Bagh is only 2km away from the New Delhi railway station and only 20km away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. This place is well accessible by airways and roadways and so are the hotels in this place. If you are planning a short trip to Delhi or Karol Bagh, then a little knowledge about the place and the hotels available here will be a great help to you. There are many good hotels in Karol Bagh New Delhi and if you are on a budget, this place will surely not disappoint you. Hotels near special attractions Karol Bagh is a place most famous for its range of premium markets which offer the best products at cheap rates. The specialty of the good hotels in Karol Bagh New Delhi is that they are found mostly near these tourist spots therefore making it easy for you to locate them. The special attractions of this place are the markets such as the Arya Samaj Road which is a book haven and no matter which book you are searching for you will surely get it here at a very low price. The Bank Street is popularly known as the Silver Street because it is the best place in Delhi to shop for jewellery. Though they specialize in bridal jewellery, you are sure to find jewellery of unique styles and for all occasions here.

Why are the budget 3 star hotels in Karol Bagh the best? The budget 3 star hotels in Karol Bagh are the best solely because of the amenities and facilities that they provide. What you should know is that these hotels have recently been introduced in the market which is the reason why they have been rated 3 stars but in reality they have all the facilities and amenities of a 4 or 5 star hotels. Therefore, you get to live with everything offered in 4 or 5 stars but have to pay less. It is a win-win situation for you. Best choices There are a total of 37 hotels in Karol Bagh approximately out of which 14 of them are 3 star hotels having all the best amenities. Hotels such as the Taj Princess and many others fall into the category of 3 star hotels and if you are planning to visit this, staying in a 3 star hotel will be both luxurious as well as low on the pocket pinch for your family and friends.

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