Unique First Date Ideas

When you think about planning a first date, you likely immediately go to dinner and a walk in the park. Or maybe you think that going to a movie is a great way to spend your first date. Instead of doing the same old things you’ve always done, consider changing it up. Do something fun and unexpected, but where you still have the chance to talk and get to know one another.


If you love to spend time outside, then you should consider going snowmobiling. To make the snowmobiling even more fun, you could take a snowmobile tour. Whether you go on Round Algonquin Park snowmobile tours or something less well-known, you’ll go on a scenic exploration of the area around you. Even if you’re familiar with the area, you’ll likely find that going on the tour will open you up to new experiences and areas that you haven’t seen yet. Then, you and your date can take time at the end to talk about the fantastic adventure you had.

Scavenger Hunt

No matter where you live, you’ll likely find that you can do a scavenger hunt through an app on your phone. They’re often focused on things traditionally found in a city center, so you don’t have to rely on a car to find most of the required items. You’ll be asked to find different things, such as a sandwich or an aspirin bottle, and then submit pictures of them to have them counted as found. Typically, you’re given an hour to do it, but you can take as long as you’d like. You and your date will have fun checking things off your list and figuring out different ways to meet the criteria.

Ice Cream Tasting

If you and your date love ice cream, then you should go ice cream tasting. To avoid making yourselves sick, choose one favorite flavor and go to different ice cream shops to get a scoop of it to share. After you’ve tried a few places, decide which location was your favorite.






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