Delhi: The Effervescent and Buzzing Capital

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Chennai is one of the most happening cities in this country with a vast history, rich culture and lip-smacking food which doesn’t end at dosas, idlis, and vadas. If you want to escape the hot and humid climate you experience during your commute and you are longing to explore some unique places then Delhi is a lucrative option. Planning a short trip to the capital doesn’t require much planning or a second opinion as it is very much accessible and has a lot to offer but you might want to check the online tickets from Chennai to Delhi flights to get the best deals on airfare. Make sure you pack some sunscreen because the weather can be a party spoiler.

Check out a few points of interest mentioned below to help yourself plan a perfect trip.

Plan a day of only sightseeing and visit the numerous tourist locations across the city starting from the QutubMinar which is the tallest minaret in the world made up of bricks. The minaret was constructed by the then Delhi Sultanate leader Qutub-Ud-Din-Aibak and is now a UNESCO world heritage site. You cannot visit Delhi and not see this architectural marvel of a monument.

When you’re done with all the sightseeing and feeling hungry then why not take a stroll down the ‘ParantheWaliGalli’ to try out the uncountable variety of paranthealong with mouth-watering pickles. And if you’re a foodie then you have to taste the delicious momos found across the city and is a popular street food in Delhi.

Offer your prayers at the iconic Jama Masjid with its sensational architecture and a heritage with takes us back to the 1600s when it was inaugurated under Shah Jahan’s rule. The structure has stood strong throughout the British reign and withstood treats of its demolition. Peace and serenity are what you’ll find in this place and is unparallel to any other experience.

Fulfil your shopping desires at the many markets spread throughout the city including Connaught Place, ChandniChawk, Palika Bazar, Janpath, Sarojini, Karol Bagh, Khan Market, etc. These places are a shopper’s paradise and you’ll literally find everything you’ve ever wanted to shop but be ready to make your way through the crowd and these are the busiest places in the city.

Although Agra is a bit far away from the city but still it’s worth the effort to travel and visit the magnificent TajMahal, one the Seven Wonders of the World and probably the most iconic monument in this entire country. The monument is made with Persian white marble and a lot of blood and sweat went into its construction. The intricate designs in its architecture have earned itself a lot of accolades from all around the world and the monument is one of the most popular spots for tourists. It’s something that one should not miss and is highly recommended.

You probably saw that coming but it’s mandatory to mention HauzKhas village which is one of the most popular places in Delhi to enter into the party mood and do a few bottoms up in one of their many small pubs and bars and complete your stay in the city. A crowd favourite among the youth, this place should have its position in someone’s ‘must visit’ list.

If you’re convinced about visiting this gem of a city, then make no mistake and check the Chennai to Delhi flights schedule.

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