Top 3 Steps To Follow After Booking a Cruise

You decided a cruise would be the perfect getaway. You researched cruise lines, picked an itinerary, and booked your trip. You’re done now, right? Unfortunately, there’s a little more planning require to make sure things go smoothly.

Plan Transportation

Unless you live within walking distance to the cruise terminal, you need to plan a series of transportation. You will not just need a flight from your hometown to the departure city. You’ll also need a way to the airport as well as cruise terminal transportation Princeton NJ. The cruise ship waits for no one, so make sure you have your reliable transportation locked into place well in advance.

Organize Documentation

Gather and organize all your travel documentation early. It’s smart to print all your booking confirmations and keep them in a folder. If you fly, be sure to keep that folder in your carry-on. You should confirm what type of identification will be required. Depending on your cruise line, ports of call, and city of departure, you may need a passport. Passports must not be expired or in poor condition. If your passport has rips, water damage, or missing pages, it may be rejected. Receiving a new passport may take up to eight weeks, so plan accordingly.

Prep Your Home

Before you get whisked off on vacation, make sure things around your home are ready. You may need to secure a babysitter, pet sitter, or housesitter. If you don’t know anyone you trust to keep an eye on things, consider making an ad on No one wants to think about bills on vacation. Remember to set any upcoming charges to autopay or pay them before leaving.

You know your cruise will be amazing. With a few extra steps, you can make sure everything leading up to it goes well too.

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