3 Tips for Planning a Great Vacation

Set yourself up for a great vacation by following these three tips.

  1. What To Pack

Start by writing out a list of everything you need to pack. You will need clothes for the climate you are traveling to along with all the essentials like underwear, socks, and shoes. Dress in layers for days when you travel so you can easily change and stay comfortable. Use a separate bag or traveling case to take your toiletries and personal hygiene products. In addition to the items you need in your usual bathroom routine, make sure you pack COVID-19 prevention products such as hand sanitizer, face masks, and disinfectant wipes. Pack any laptops, chargers, identification for the airport, and other carry-on items in a separate backpack.

  1. How To Get There

When choosing a place to stay, decide if you want to be close to nearby attractions or if you want included amenities like free Wi-Fi, breakfast accommodations, or an on-site pool. If you are flying to your destination, make sure you plan your day accordingly so you can get to the airport early enough to pass through security and get to your boarding gate. you dress appropriately so you can be comfortable on the plane. Plan out ahead of time how you will get to your hotel and the attractions you plan to see. Consider what ride-sharing services are in the area and if they are more cost-effective than renting a vehicle.

  1. What To Do While You’re There

Depending on where you decide to go there might be an overwhelming number of attractions and activities that catch your eye. It’s helpful to set a budget when planning out what you want to do during your vacation. Prioritize the things you want to see first and map out a schedule for each day. Be wary of overpacking your schedule and keep it flexible. Schedule at least one day of rest and relaxation.

Whether you’re planning a vacation to somewhere new or returning to your favorite beach resort, it’s important to keep these tips in mind.

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